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As ordinary citizens, let us cover more ground on the killings to the healing of our nation. In a time when we’re trying to weather through the uncertainty and insecurity of our situations, the violence brought about by the “war on drugs” continues to this day, and still weighs heavily in the hearts of the affected families. 

Be an advocate for harm reduction and the demand for accountability: Read the literature, submit an artistic response, donate or volunteer. Together, let’s restart the discussions on the “war on drugs” and reframe the issues in a more humanizing way. 

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Donate to the Families

of the Victims

The families left behind by those who were killed because of the war on drugs are victims too. Many family members of victims of the drug war are left struggling to support themselves due to lack of government support.


Let them know that they are not alone as we continue to demand accountability for the killings. Click here to donate to the families of the victims.

Submit your stories,

artworks, and experiences

We need to restart the discussion on the War on Drugs and pave the way to a re-humanized nation. Together let’s create the narrative by surfacing stories and vision of our experiences of the past  and hopes for the future.

We want  you to submit essays, photos and videos, music, and artworks of all kinds. All submissions are welcome.

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Volunteer at our Partner Organizations

Make our community stronger by supporting organizations and groups that demand to stop the killings and act to enact more effective, humane ways to solve the drug problem. Check this list of partner organizations and see which ones you can volunteer to.

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